“He has been such an enormous help to me. I now play virtually tilt-free and bring my A-game nearly every time I play.”
– Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt, PokerStars Team Online Pro
Author of Don’t Listen to Phil Hellmuth and Treat Your Poker Like a Business

“I think I’ve been one of the most successful online players over the past five years, and
there's been no greater positive influence on my game than Jared and nothing else even comes close."
– Niman “Samoleus” Kenkre, BlueFire Poker Coach

"Jared has helped me develop strategies to better manage my approach to poker and business. If you are having issues with the mental side of your poker game, I recommend Jared's services."
– Taylor Caby, Co-founder of Cardrunners

“Until Jared, the only advice I had heard about tilt, even from respected coaches, was ‘don’t do it.’ Now I’m winning almost 12bb/100 playing stakes as high as $50/$100 Heads Up NL.”
– Liz “RikJamesB1atch” Herrera

“Jared doesn’t spout feel-good mumbo-jumbo; this isn’t patronizing psychobabble. Instead, he peels back your poker-playing layers to identify and address your specific issues.”
– Jeremiah Smith, Host of CashPlays on Cardrunners

“Jared Tendler is a pioneer of the poker mental game. No one else even compares to his fact-based, scientific approach that is backed up by years of study in modern psychology. This book is the first of its kind and should be considered mandatory reading for any poker player.”
– Hunter Bick, Professional Poker Player, DragTheBar CEO

“It would be easy for a mental game coach to take a mysterious Zen like approach, what I really liked about working with Jared was he seems extremely scientific and analytical in how he approaches it.”
– Mike “Syous” Song, DeucesCracked Coach

“Jared invented the field as far as I’m concerned.”
– Jesse May, The Voice of Poker

"Tilt? Jared Tendler extends his arm and casually flicks a middle finger at it."
– Jon Young, Editor of WPT Magazine

"Jared is a genius when it comes to helping you both recognize and systematically rid yourself of the issues that are getting in the way of reaching your potential. I don't know where I would be today without him."
– Danny Steinberg, High Stakes Professional

“I’ve met quite a few people in this field and no one has had the effect that Jared did.”
– Sean Gibson, Poker News Daily

“I can honestly say that working with Jared is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”
– Matt “mbolt1” Bolt, DragTheBar Coach

“Jared’s approach works very well because he doesn’t put a patch on the problem and instead changes the way you think, not just about poker but life in general.”
– “Stake Monster” Cardrunners Coach

“Jared is a smart, hard-working, funny guy who is extremely good at his job. He manages to be both personal and professional, which is a hard thing to do. If you have tilt issues that cost you money, then you’re downright silly not to work with him.”
– Paul “GiantBuddha” Hoppe, DragTheBar Coach
Author of Way of the Poker Warrior

“He teaches you things you simply can’t learn by playing.”
– Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilinofsky

“I worked with Jared for three months and my progress was nothing short of phenomenal.”
– Alan “Dixon” Jackson, BlueFire Poker Coach


Jesse May, Host of PartyPoker’s The Poker Show

Tilt-A-Whirl. Tilt. Steaming. Out of control, the bonkers monster. By any name, tilt is not a good thing for a poker player. And until now, it’s been mostly misunderstood. In his new book, mental game coach Jared Tendler deconstructs tilt to its vital elements and provides a recipe for combating the plague.

This is no psychobabble, this is no man sitting on a leather couch in an ivory tower spewing transcendental waves. Tendler provides real steps and real answers for poker players involved in the day to day struggle who are too often beating themselves.

Listen to interview/review

Bill Rini

"...the biggest compliment I can give it is that not only did I see myself in many of the examples but I learned useful ways of approaching issues on the poker table and off that have made a positive impact on my life.

I’ll give TMGP a big thumbs up. I think it’s one of the few books that breaks new ground in the poker genre."

Read more

Rich Prew, Blonde Poker Forum

“…The first point to note is that the detail in theories and case studies is superb. One without the other would not have worked. All theory and no application and there is merely a dry textbook. All Case Study and no theory, and the backbone to a player's potential improvement is not present. For what we have here seems to be advancement on the traditional approaches to the Psychology of Poker espoused by Schoonmaker amongst others…

…Tendler is convincing us that the Mental side of poker is as much a skill as any other facet of the game, and that factors such as tilt, fear, lack of motivation and lack of confidence are grounded in rational thought, and a player can improve their game by analysing the reasons and patterns for each.

Of course what really brings the book to life is the case studies. The testimonials to Tendler's work in the book are many and glowing…”

Read more

Verneer, Cardrunners Coach

“I've had the opportunity to read Jared Tendler's "Mental Game of Poker" and am happy that there is finally a book like this published. The book tackled issues like Tilt, Confidence, Fear, Motivation, and the models of learning.

In light of the events of April 15th, Jared published ~20 pages from his Fear chapter available for browsing. You can find it here.

The bottom line is this: Any player that hopes to have long-term success with poker needs to have this book in their library. The mental side of poker is huge, and this is a good investment in that direction. For $50 (or $40 for the next few days), it is a steal.”

Read More


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